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    [Surv] Cracked Roof [Room full of mobs]


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    [Surv] Cracked Roof [Room full of mobs]

    Post  Squizz on Thu Apr 21, 2011 4:37 pm

    Your an adventurer that loves to explore caves. One day you find a waterfall that leads underground. You follow it and end up in a box room with a lightstone room and dirt walls. On the 2 sides are waterfalls with mobs falling down the side. Your mission is- Survive and not die, Build a house, Start a tree farm using the small area of grass, make a wheat farm and whatever objectives you would like to add!
    Tips: Build walls around the tree's and grass you need to protect those items as they help! Mine underground and make traps! Use some survival stratergies. Lets see who can last the longest

    Download ?i1meqvpx30ixlwc
    Works with 1.3+ Current map version- 1.0

    You cannot dig the walls or roof. You can dig down within the wall perimitar.
    You cant climb the waterfalls. Impossible with the new update anyways.
    You cant use any 3rd party programs (mods) Unless you want to do it the easy way!


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